what we do

changing the world: step by step, but rapidly

At pumpco we’ve all experienced the pressures of a world that changes much faster than our ability to innovate and change with it. You probably know all of the reasons too; the cost of IT development, uncertainty about the best ways to change things, the need to convince everyone and get agreement on what should be done. That’s why we’ve developed a set of products and processes that enable experimentation and change to be tried and applied step by step; making innovation achievable in the real world.

quick summary

pumpco offer something completely different:

  • a full solution integrating a user-led approach to working with customers
  • a completely new type of technology, harnessing the most cutting-edge components to deliver systems people really want to use
  • a delivery approach which enables customers to move from vision to value in months rather than years

agile co-creation

Our unique citizen technology platform, lego®-like building block technologies and agile co-creation approach allow you to experiment with and try out new ideas in extremely short and very affordable phases, rather than having to rely on traditional drawn-out developments with all their inherent risks and delays.

making new technologies useful

pumpco is all about making innovative technology useful.  We constantly scan the horizon for innovative technologies, sifting true innovations from the gimmicks, and determining how these can usefully be applied to real world problems.

labs-150wpumpco labs are where new technologies of all kinds are brought on to the bench for detailed evaluation and prototyping.

The tech that passes our tests is incorporated into or connected up to the pumpco platform, such that it can be employed in our collaborations to bring real benefits to citizens, their personal networks and all who work with them, whatever their professional or sector affiliation.

who we are

We are a small group of very experienced technologists. Our three founders have held senior management roles in industry, including: Chief Technology Office of the NHS, Executive Director Health EMEA at Oracle Corporation, Chief Enterprise Architect NHS and Head of eCommerce development at Intel Corporation and have equally been involved in starting up a number of new technology businesses.

expertise and experience

Each member of our team brings particular areas of both technology expertise:

  • user experience design
  • big data processing
  • real-time mission critical communications
  • large-scale hardware and software interoperability
  • embedded systems
  • enterprise architecture

as well as industry experience, both in public sector:

  • healthcare
  • social services
  • education
  • justice
  • intelligence and defence

and private sector:

  • enterprise software
  • semiconductor manufacturing
  • telecoms
  • energy
  • transport
  • utilities
  • financial services
  • data retention

standards development

All our our team have supported practical standards development efforts over the years, especially in the worlds of interoperability and terminology.

Past roles have included setting up and running the IHTSDO, the not-for-profit international standards organisation, which owns, administers and develops the SNOMED CT clinical terminology standard and setting up and running the NHS national communications and messaging team, responsible for adoption and enhancement of HL7 healthcare interoperability standards, international advisor to board of HL7 US and head of standards development and implementation for the NHS Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions, Choose and Book, smart card security and single sign-on projects.

Today our team are developing standards to make it possible for developers of all levels of experience to develop components, which can interact with each other without having to know of each others existence and leverage a rich platform of integrated services, to enable developers with great ideas to quickly get these implemented and into the hands of those who can best make use of them.