Wide Applicability

Social, personalised, connected, smart & collaborative

Not limited to one industry or use case, but flexible & extensible to meet user needs, both citizen & professional within or across sectors & industries

Incorporates a broad set of fully functional generic apps, encompassing the most frequently needed functionality, which can be flexed and extended at the user and application levels

Building blocks can be combined and orchestrated with App Flows and rules to meet almost any kind of use case

Why use anthropOS?


Simplifies & Speeds Development

Enables development teams to concentrate on the value-added features of their apps

Provides all the core front and back-end building blocks needed for social collaborative apps and services

Core app building blocks provide full functionality out of the box

Core services provide all the underlying plumbing to enhance and integrate apps

Everything is integrated and extensible from UI widgets to whole platform plugins

Simplicity through minimum number of highly generic components

Internet of Things & standards-based connectivity

Integrates sensors and devices of all sorts into the end-users personal system

Integrates with cloud and organisational systems through international standards (e.g. health & social care applications via HL7 messaging & IHE cross-domain document sharing)

Intelligent Agents & Bots

Provides intelligent agents to monitor, automate and reduce user workload

Bots allow automated conversational mechanisms to accomplish tasks

DSL-based semantic data definition, UI generation & scripting

App flows provide extremely rapid mechanism to automate everything from simple data collection tasks to complex rule-based long-running business processes

Smart Books enable highly flexible and semantically rich structured records management for any purpose

Semantic labeled data structures & provenance metadata minimises risk of semantic-draft between data from different sources

Robust & scaleable

Scales from a tens to millions of users

Extremely loosely coupled event-based architecture allows scale up & out at every level

Built using components battle-tested at scale

Standards-based monitoring tools built in to simplify operational management