• A set of apps co-produced by all sorts of citizens, professionals and organisations across many sectors, focusing on what they really need to get things done

  • Contacts and groups
  • Universal communication
  • Structured and unstructured records
  • Sharing information
  • Appointments and events
  • Planning, tasks and actions
  • Assessments and questionnaires

  • All work together seamlessly on all devices

Conversation Centre

Keeping everyone in touch

Contacts Book

Your contacts and groups

Personal Profile

Basic details about you

Back Pack

Personal storage area

Resource Centre

Federated Shared Knowledge


Integrated record of what's happened


Integrated record of what's planned

Smart Books

Modular & extensible structured records

Action Plan & Centre

Plan individually & collaboratively


Group topical discussions

Building Blocks

In addition to these extensible apps, there are many app and service components, which integrate with these apps and enable further enhancements, as well as entirely new apps to be produced