At pumpco everything we do is citizen-driven.  We are not talking inviting citizens to come to our boards and listen to our plans, but rather going to where the people are and listening to them and what their agendas are.

collaboration on the ground

Rather beavering away in an ivory tower, we have rather worked, over the last four years, with a wide range of citizens, including:

  • probation/ community rehabilitation service users
  • carers and their cared for
  • gypsy travellers
  • members of the BME communities
  • older people

as well as those helping them including

  • peer mentors
  • probation staff
  • education, training and employment organisations
  • council
  • housing
  • NHS
  • police
  • universities
  • pharmaceutical companies

and a wide of third sector organisations including

  • carers
  • Citizens Advice Bureaux
  • volunteering agencies
  • homeless charities
  • alcohol and drug charities
  • faith communities
  • even a premiership rugby club.

technology co-creation

Out of these collaborations, pumpco created the citizen platform and a set of tremendously flexible technology building blocks, with which they can assemble extremely rapidly (i.e. in weeks) and refine the specific technology tools each collaboration co-designs.

social innovation

As our approach is collaborative, we started up a not-for-profit community interest company inQube CIC as a means to incubate future collaborations, drawing in all sorts of partners with complementary skills and experience and who share a commitment to work together to improve their communities.

For more details on inQube and its approach, please see the inQube website

As well as partners specific to one collaboration, we also recognised that we needed a few strategic partners, with whom we would work on a regular basis.

Strategic Partners

YF-logo-white-bgThe Young Foundation is a social innovation specialist with a particular focus on inequality and which shares our passion to get on with things, rather than just talking about them. We are currently working with Young Foundation in our older-people focused collaboration in Cardiff.

Schumacher_institute_logo The Schumacher Institute is an independent ‘think-and-do’ tank with a particular focus on sustainability and reducing inequality, which helps people prepare for a future in which disruptive change will happen with increasing speed, and will demand a high degree of adaptability.  The institute builds on the ideas expressed in the works of E. F. Schumacher, particularly appropriate technology at the right scale, local actions, peace and non-violent approaches, simplicity and the sense that all people matter.  Smart Hamlet is a joint collaborative initiative marrying smart homes technology with life time design principles to build inclusive communities.