Citizen Space - radical simplicity

Each citizen has their own system

Organisations & professionals connect to them

Turns existing models on their head

Citizens get their own personal home in the cloud, which unites everyone & everything in one place

  • People, organisations & services come to the citizen
  • No need to navigate 100’s of different apps & portals
  • Everything integrated into the citizen's space

Truly centred on each citizen

The Problem

Complexity & Confusion

Every different organisation, service and type of professional has their own system, which they also want the citizen to use

They all have different look and feel, functionality, structure & nomenclature

They all require their own passwords

They all require you to give them lots of personal data

They all require you to repeat the same things over and over again

They are all limited to their own sector, organisational and professional scope

The wrong tool for the job

Each system has been designed to serve the needs of their organisation & professionals not those of citizens

The citizen's conceptual framework & mental model is not diced up like this - citizen concerns span professional, organisational & sector boundaries

Many systems are based on out-dated technologies, which make them inflexible, difficult & frustrating to use

The Solution

Turning the tables

Instead of requiring citizens to have accounts on a multiplicity of web sites, portals & apps, give them their own system to which the other systems are connected

Citizen in control

Put the citizen in control of who accesses their system, what they are allowed to see & do

Enable the citizen to control where their own data goes & how it is used

Make things familiar

Exploit familiarity with social networking & other pervasive tools & simplify everything

Connect everything up

Instead of having lots of apps & devices which do not talk to each other, integrate all the functionality & connect up all the systems & services, sensors & devices around them

Cutting edge technologies

Use cutting-edge smart technologies to make it really easy for citizen's & those who help them to accomplish what they need