Development Approach

Socio-technological co-production

The aOS platform has been created in conjunction with citizens of all sorts, in many circumstances and with all kinds of people who help them

Every function & feature was created to support the highest priority functionality required by a collaboration. Nothing was created because we thought it would be cool, useful or distinctive

Both the new ways of working & the supporting technological tools were co-produced within 2 week agile co-production cycles

Generic apps & flexible building blocks are easily understood by all & required functionality is easily specified in terms of using & extending these to meet each new requirement


The aOS platform is the product of 6 years work at the coal face with real people, as opposed to their proxies or so-called experts, who are too often out of touch with the practical real world issues they face

    Types of citizens involved include:
  • Probation service users
  • Carers & their cared for
  • Gypsy Travellers
  • BME community members
  • Older People
  • People being intentional about diet & exercise
  • others helping them, included:
  • Peer mentors, probation staff, education, training & employment staff
  • Council, housing NHS, police, universities
  • a wide range of third sector organisations
    • e.g. Citizens Advice Bureaux, volunteer agencies, alcohol & drug charities, housing associations, homeless charities, older age charities, carers organisations
  • Local associations & faith groups
  • Care agencies
  • Drug companies
  • Premiership rugby club & Rugby Football Union
  • Gyms & local sports clubs

Agile component-based development

As the platform is so fully functional & all it components so generic & extensible, application development is extremely rapid, in most cases only requiring customising, extending & connecting components together in different ways

Users are really engaged at every point & gain confidence quickly as they see what they have design delivered within weeks

Reduced Risk

People, process & technology elements are co-produced contemporaneously & new ways of working together are tested in the field after a couple of weeks

What works well can be built upon & what does not can be altered or discarded.

In this way, risk is low, because feedback is reallyrapid & expensive white elephants are avoided


We don't presume to know what you need & want

We work alongside you where we are needed to help you craft all aspects of your solutions

You are self-sufficient within weeks, but 1:1 support is always close by when you need it