Google glass for healthpump

google glassOur first thoughts on receiving a pair of Google Glasses were that were nicely put together and seemed to work well and their form factor seemed better suited to professional use than casual use by citizens.

We therefore decided to link up Google Glass as an aid for clinical professionals using healthpump, giving them the ability to access important patient health information wherever they were without needing to use other devices.

google glass for healthpump

a medication from Ian’s medication list

Just like in the normal user interface, items are shown on cards, whose design reflects the type of information being displayed.   This card above shows a medication item for Ian Jackson, who takes Terazosin for his enlarged prostate.

The first version of Google glass for healthpump supports:

  • search for patients or browse through your patient list
  • view patient journal items
  • view current medications
  • view alerts and notifications
  • take and save photos and videos

glucose level alert

The card on the right shows an alert from the Diabetes Bot, which is constantly monitoring Ian Jackson’s blood glucose readings, automatically uploaded from the Bayer Contour USB glucometer he uses at home and a applying a set of rules set up by the clinician helping him manage his diabetes successfully.

In this case, a reading is above the threshold level for a single reading for Ian at this time of day, beyond which his clinician has asked to be notified.  The clinician has also set the notification channels to include google glass for this alert type.

recent items from Ian's journal

The card on the left shows filtered items from Ian’s journal. It includes selected blood sugar readings as well as the 30 minutes moderate exercise he has been advised to take 5 days a week (in this case on a Concept2 rowing machine) and a mood snap entry, which shows that his mood, that can sometimes be quite low, is just fine at the moment.

glassvideo.fw The card on the right show how you can record video (or still shots) using Google Glass, which are then sent through to healthpump and shared as appropriate.

There are many other possibilities and the lab guys are working with colleagues around the world to determine how best to capitalise on the opportunities this new type of device offers.

Customer feedback so far has been great and it went down a storm with our Australian colleagues at the HealthTech Sydney event earlier in the year.

richard glass demo sydney

google glass for healthpump

Dr. Richard Taggart demonstrating a heads-up display for clinicians interacting with clinical elements of healthpump cloud-based citizen platform at HealthTech Sydney event Sept 24th 2013

thanks Oliver for the photo  view tweet (@oliverw)