Not technology alone

We recognise that technology alone is not the much vaunted catalyst of change & indeed too often has been what gets in the way of effective change

Many of the more intractable societal issues are not single dimensional, but are multi-dimensional and attempts for single organisations or sectors to address them fail for this reason. When cross-sector projects & programmes are set up, these are often hindered by partners not properly understanding each other's perspectives & motivations and therefore fail to take them into account

They often are extremely slow to get started, as there are so many bureaucratic hoops to jump through

Even if there is good mutual understanding between partners, this may not always extend to colleagues in their wider organisations and often embedded behaviours antithetic to the aims of the initiative persist

Where one organisation takes the lead (e.g. in funding), sometimes other partners may leave important issues to them and other times the lead organisation may feel 'he who pays the piper, calls the tune' and not properly share decision making

Collaboration with citizens is frequently token and limited to inviting them to participate in consultations & sit on boards to rubber stamp decision already made, rather being involved as peers & experts themselves

There is too often a top-down, organisational service focus, which is ignorant of the real issues & misses opportunities that involve other organisations and people doing things for themselves

Information governance, data protection issues and lack of system interoperability between partners often creates barriers to effective communication, data sharing and collaboration


inQube is an not-for-profit community interest company created by the founders of pumpco, as they perceived that there was an important gap in provision for socio-technological innovation

inQube is inclusive incubator for co-operative innovation, where people from all walks of life work together as peers to realise shared objectives

Instead of having to know all the answers up front, an inQube collaboration collects partners having a shared vision around a table to make their vision reality, where everything is a joint endeavour, from determining what to do and how to do it, to raising the money to make it happen

inQube provides a neutral flag of convenience around which collaborating partners gather to move their vision forward, taking the first steps together without getting mired in issues of organisational structure, funding and governance before they have started, setting priorities and designing and co-producing solutions together

This form of collaboration is particularly helpful for getting place-based, cross-sector community initiatives off the ground, where the scope spans several statutory organisations

Business Accelerators

There is a plethora of business incubators and accelerators, which vary greatly in scope & provision offering startup companies a mix of office space & facilities, networking activities, management training, marketing support, shared services and funding and/or help in securing funding

Pumpco complements such incubators who offer the above, by providing aOS platform as a service to incubated technology companies to accelerate their business trajectories

Sector-specific incubators

Pumpco is also working with established partners to create industry-specific incubators with enhanced technical facilities to enable startup businesses to get to market quickly without large upfront investment in infrastructure. aOS is provided in the same way as other facilities, such as networking

Pumpco is developing capacity within the these incubators, to offer training, mentoring & technology development & support services to incubated companies