As a Platform-as-a-service (PAAS) supplier, pumpco is able to work with the widest spectrum of partners, from individual software developers to multi-national organisations

aOS has been has been designed specifically to enable the widest spectrum of developers to leverage the platform to develop apps & components, to harness the creativity of many

Key Partner Types

  • Startups
  • Independent Software Vendors
  • System Integrators
  • Corporates

aOS Partner Programme

The aOS Partner Programme recognises the different needs of different types of organisation

The platform is available to all as a service, but services can be tailored suitably

As well as service commissioning, training & mentoring and support & maintenance, we can offer everything from a hands-off whitelabeled solution to a hands-on collaborative development parnership

Although every situation is unique, the following paragraphs illustrate how an aOS service may be of particular value to different types of client


One of the key priorities for technology startups is to get to market as quickly as possible, which makes aOS a great fit for these types of organisation

Pumpco can offer aOS training and mentoring alongside product delivery, so that development teams can learn on the job and delivery timescales can be slashed

Development team recruitment can also be offered to ensure the optimum mix of skill, experience & temperament to meet desired objectives and company culture

For example, recruitment of full team to first end-customer delivery has taken as little as 3 months with the Christmas holidays in the middle

Independent Software Vendors

ISVs often have many conflicting demands on their time e.g. customers requiring new functionality on one side & the need to move foward existing products and architectures to address new business opportunities & take advantage of new industry developments on another

Common development priorities involve personalisation, self-service, improving customer relationshiops & retention, mobile, Internet of Things and system integration - at all of which aOS excels

By leveraging aOS, ISVs can rapidly deliver customer priorities, at the same time as moving existing products & architectures forward, by incrementally integrating aOS-based functionality alongside existing products

Pumpco can also offer pump-priming development, to kick start developments well & quickly e.g. initial proofs of concept delivered without impacting customer development team flow

System Integrators

SIs have to be able to quickly respond to a wide variety of customer requirements, which are frequently complicated by the need to integrate with existing products & estate

aOS apps can be often be deployed quickly with the miniumum of effort to deliver immediate customer value, whilst refining the scope & outline requirements of a customer's vision. As aOS was created from the ground up to integrate & implements all the Enterprise Integration Patterns, as well as specific integrations with various types of software frequently used in enterprises, it is equally possible to get existing systems' integrations delivered really quickly


For corporate clients developing new initiatives, we can offer a review of their plans & a mapping illustrating where & how aOS could contribute to swiftly achieving their goals

Where in-house IT teams are looking to meet new kinds of solution, leveraging existing assets with complementary platforms, we can offer specialist skills & knowledge to help them design & deliver radically different intelligent solutions to their internal & external customers