ɑnthropOS - social cooperating system

  • Specialist platform for a new generation of citizen-owned, personalised systems. Focused on connecting people, their devices, families, friends and communities and service providers and their systems across sectors.
  • Enables everyone and everything to communicate and work together effectively around the individual
  • Speed of delivery and high level of relevant existing functionality minimises delivery timescales
  • Flexibility and extensibility of solution enables new and modified functionality to be delivered with maximum reuse and speed
  • Operates seamlessly across all sectors and settings


Fully featured apps. Work on all devices. Meet all core needs. Fully integrated with each other

Building Blocks

Apps, Services and Components. Mix, extend and mash together to get what you need at lightning speed


From wide-ranging cross-sector solutions co-produced in-house with citizens, to focused solutions developed by partners, anthropOS underpins them all