pumpkin pi

Pumpkin PiWe looked very hard at a wide range of “home hubs”, but found nothing which could bring non-proprietary universal multi-protocol connectivity, much less the distributed intelligence we were looking to bring into the home.

We therefore decided to build on ourselves and, as its name suggests, we settled on the raspberry pi for its initial incarnation. The “pumpkin” element in the name reflects that it is little version of our “pump”, which is our internal name for our platform.

Multi-protocol enabled

The pumpkin pi connects up to the citizen’s environment in the cloud via cellular modem or via wifi, if that is available, and uses various local wireless protocols, both proprietary and open, to communicate with connected-thing devices of all sorts in the house and make even the incompatible work together seamlessly.

Smart agents

A lightweight pump service collects and distributes events from the devices to smart agents, which analyse the event streams, recognising complex patterns,  taking local actions where required and communicating with their peers in the cloud as appropriate.


We have connected the pumpkin pi up to the following health and medical devices:

  • Bayer Contour®  Next USB blood glucose meter
  • Vitalograph bluetooth spirometer for identifying those at risk of COPD
  • Vitalgraph bluetooth spirometer for asthma home monitoring
  • Vitalograph lung monitor for home respiratory monitoring
  • A&D bluetooth precision scales
  • A&D bluetooth blood pressure monitor

We have a wide variety of assisted living monitoring sensors & devices in the lab, some of which are wireless and use different wireless protocols others are wired, some of the sensors are battery powered and others energy-harvesting and it would take too long to itemise them each, but they include:

  • door & window sensors
  • temperature and humidity sensors
  • pressure mats
  • motion detectors
  • co2 detectors
  • light detectors
  • flood detectors
  • switches
  • sirens

We are also very excited to be working with a variety of partners to integrating other types of devices including smart cards, smart labels and beacons as well as entirely new types of technologies – so watch the website for announcements :-)