Your competitive edge

Pumpco has built aOS using cutting edge technologies to bring its customers their advantages without having to make similar investments themselves

pumpco labs

pumpco labs is where we investigate and try out new technologies to see what they are good at and how we might best use them. Many of the technologies are third-party, but we also use the lab to experiment with different ways of doing things ourselves


We have evaluated a large number of software technologies over the last four years at all levels of the OSI stack, including operating systems, platforms, servers, engines, programming languages, databases, libraries and frameworks and communication protocols.

Some we have embraced, others were discarded and some we have used for a while and moved on from


We have evaluated and integrated various devices, including all the market leading activity monitors:

  • Nike + running sensors
  • Nike Fuel band
  • Fitbit activity and sleep trackers
  • Jawbone Up fitness trackers
  • iHealth activity and sleep trackers

medical devices have included:

  • glucometers, wireless and USB
  • bluetooth spirometers
  • bluetooth blood pressure monitors
  • bluetooth ECG monitors
  • bluetooth pO2 monitors

wellness devices:

  • weight scales, bluetooth and wifi, both consumer and clinical grade
  • ultrasound body composition scanners
  • galvanic skin response receptors

assisted living devices and sensors

  • various type of switches
  • pressure sensors
  • temperature sensors
  • infra-red motion detectors
  • alarms
  • power monitoring
  • energy harvesting devices

and a wide range of communication and computing devices


inQube is an not-for-profit community interest company created by the founders of pumpco, as they perceived that there was an important gap in provision for socio-technological innovation

inQube is inclusive incubator for co-operative innovation, where people from all walks of life work together as peers to realise shared objectives

Instead of having to know all the answers up front, an inQube collaboration collects partners having a shared vision around a table to make their vision reality, where everything is a joint endeavour, from determining what to do and how to do it, to raising the money to make it happen

inQube provides a neutral flag of convenience around which collaborating partners gather to move their vision forward, taking the first steps together, setting priorities and designing and implementing solutions together, without getting caught up in issues of organisational structure, funding and governance before they have started

This form of collaboration is particularly helpful for getting place-based, cross-sector community initiatives off the ground, where the scope spans several statutory organisations

Partners include international social justice organisations to hyper-local charities and many public sector, commerical and third sector organisations working in justice, healthcare, social care, housing, sport & wellness, community development fields

Sharing Insights, Methodology & Tools

In addition to developing the aOS platform on the basis of the requirements of all these different types of initiative, inQube has developed a flexible methodology & toolset to help collaborations get started, define priorities, co-produce new ways of working & their supporting technology tools

As a result, inQube is able to share these resources with partners who are wishing to undertake similar initiatives themselves and is currently helping new collaboration get started

Business Accelerators

There is a plethora of business incubators and accelerators, which vary greatly in scope & provision offering startup companies a mix of office space & facilities, networking activities, management training, marketing support, shared services and funding and/or help in securing funding

Pumpco complements such incubators who offer the above, by providing aOS platform as a service to incubated technology companies to accelerate their business trajectories

Sector-specific incubators

Pumpco is also working with established partners to create industry-specific incubators with enhanced technical facilities to enable startup businesses to get to market quickly without large upfront investment in infrastructure. aOS is provided in the same way as other facilities, such as networking

Pumpco is developing capacity within the these incubators, to offer training, mentoring & technology development & support services to incubated companies